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"It’s really just about dopeness at the end of the day." (West, 2014)

Holly helps people to raise their profile. Her work has appeared in The Guardian, The Globe & Mail, Mashable, Huffington Post, TNW and in some other places too. This one time, New York art Blogazine Hyperallergic called her ‘very clever’.

Inspired by the cut-and-paste aesthetic she discovered in an anthology of 1970s punk zine Sniffin’ Glue, Holly started her first magazine aged 17. Her love for offbeat journalism soon fused with an obsessive interest in how people talk to each other on the Internet.

She’s been helping entrepreneurs to hustle since 2010, working alongside startups and organizing Toronto’s edition of global grassroots event series Startup Weekend. Today, you'll find her at The Working Group, a Toronto/NYC software agency that supports big brands, awesome startups and major media companies.

Holly curates the StartupDigest Media Reading List - a weekly newsletter covering all things media startup related, and throws the occasional party under the T+H Events banner with pal Tegan Wylie. She likes talking about Kanye-West-As-Contemporary-Art-Hero more than any human being should and her favourite words are ones that have both P’s and B’s in them. She is a Blue Peter Badge Winner, and once petted a Komodo Dragon. How Dangerous is a Komodo Dragon?

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Introducing WikiWash - Metro →

"In March 2014, Metro’s digital team headed to Toronto’s inaugural edition of Techraking, a data journalism crash course sponsored by Google, The Center for Investigative Reporting and The Working Group. The prize at the end was a sizeable chunk of TWG’s time to develop a data journalism tool pitched by an attending team. Metro’s team won over the judges, andWikiWash is the result.”

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WikiWash (Beta) →

Try out the cool new software tool we (The Working Group) built for Metro News Canada. WikiWash is a proof-of-concept tool that allows journalists, citizens and activists to uncover spin & bias on Wikipedia. 

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Media Reading List - StartupDigest - The Very First One Ever →

Starting this week, I’ll be curating the brand spankin’ new #media edition of the StartupDigest newsletter. Yay!

What is StartupDigest? It’s a series of insider newsletters covering all things startup across different regions and verticals. Find out more: http://startupdigest.com

If you sign up for the StartupDigest Media Reading List you’ll get a weekly round-up of media about startups and innovations from the media industry in your inbox. You can do that here

You can also send us info about your media startup, media events, links to useful articles or tips for things you’d like to see us cover using this form

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